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Adage Ballet Academy to produce
a new ballet by award winning composer,
Bob Ingalls.



Seattle WA - Adage Ballet Academy is excited to announce that Ballet Master & Principal Choreographer, Guillaume Basso, has been selected to choreograph and produce a new full length, three act ballet entitled "The Magic Mirror" by award winning composer Bob Ingalls: winner of first place in the Sacranium Composition Competition and special mention in the Ravel International Composition Competition award among others.


The Magic Mirror is a story ballet loosely based on Alexander Pushkin's poem "The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights" and the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "Snow White". The plot includes drama, humor and sensitivity. The first four dances selected by Mr. Basso to choreograph include the Dance of the Harlequins, the Dance of the Nymphs, the Dance of the Forest Fairies & Butterflies, and the Dance of the Queen. Adage will present these four dances in their Spring Showcase Performances on May 21st & 22nd, 2024 at the Carco Theatre in Renton, WA.


The Magic Mirror, scored for full orchestra, is an exciting new work targeted for both young and old alike. You will be introduced to characters like Constantine, the Elder of the dwarfs, and his young bumpkin son Bomo who wears his heart on his sleeve. To Rono a beautiful nymph and the object of Bomo's affections and her mother the exotic and beautiful Red Witch. To dancing harlequins, exotic strangers, butterflies, forest fairies and veiled dancers. And finally to dancers representing Spring and Frost, the handsome prince and, of course, to both the young yet wicked queen and the beautiful princess from another realm.


While both approachable and diverse, the music for "The Magic Mirror" combines the beauty and majesty of the classic ballet score with the humor and poignancy of contemporary settings to appeal to a wide variety of people of different ages and backgrounds. Although the initial workshop performances will be presented to orchestral recordings the goal is to produce the full ballet in all its color and grandeur in an appropriate international setting.


Mr. Basso's choreography style is well suited to a ballet of this scope and magnitude. His origins with the Paris Opera Ballet and his time spent with both The Joffrey Ballet and the Pacific Northwest Ballet give him a unique international approach towards formulating an exciting Magic Mirror production that will envelope the audience in the joy, anguish and excitement of this classic story. Gemma D. Alexander a Seattle-based freelance writer, commented that Guillaume"s "Looking Through Wonderland" choreographed for PNB's Next Step program in 2018 was probably her favorite piece of the evening. "You felt the story even without a true narrative".


Performances of the four dances from "The Magic Mirror" will be held at the Carco Theatre in Renton, WA on May 21st and 22nd, 2024 at 6:30pm. To purchase tickets for the dance performances please visit

The Magic Mirror Exotic Strangers final.jpg
The Magic Mirror Dancing Harlequins final.jpg

ABOUT GUILLAUME BASSO: Originally from Dijon, France, Mr Basso is a distinguished figure in the world of ballet; known for his exceptional skill both as a dancer and a choreographer. Trained by Sylvain Boniface at the Conservatory of Dijon and Bernard Boucher at the Paris Opera Ballet, Guillaume's dance career flourished at the Houston Ballet, the Joffrey Ballet and finally the Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) from 2015 to 2022. As a choreographer, Guillaume demonstrated a profound passion for dance creation from a young age. His PNB works, including The Sleep of Reason and Looking Through Wonderland, highlighted his inventive storytelling, deep artistic vision and true understanding of how to apply ballet techniques for maximum impact to an awaiting audience.


ABOUT BOB INGALLS: With degrees from both Juilliard School of Music in NYC and the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY; Mr Ingalls spent over 20 years as a clarinetist with the Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera, Pacific Northwest Ballet and Cascade Symphony before retiring to focus on composing and conducting. He has written extensively for choir, orchestra and chamber groups. In 2017, realizing that few new story ballet had been written in the last hundred years and how welcomed they were by ballet audiences both young and old, he set out to conceive, compose and score "the Magic Mirror". The dual CD set and the libretto for "the Magic Mirror" were released in June of 2019.


ABOUT ADAGE BALLET ACADEMY: Located in the heart of Seattle, Adage Ballet Academy is a beacon of dance artistry and education. Founded by the visionary Abby Jayne DeAngelo, it has achieved remarkable milestones including a full-time academy program with significant facility expansions. Under the expert guidance of Ballet Master/Choreographer Guillaume Basso and the Artistic Direction of Ms. DeAngelo, the academy fosters a nurturing and collaborative environment that emphasizes joy, discipline, and personalized attention, ensuring each dancer achieves their potential.

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The Magic Mirror - Evil Queen final.jpg
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